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PLACES – New locations of the ’Verse

As a physical setting, the ’Verse has some disadvantages compared to other science-fiction settings.

  • The ’Verse is a single system (albeit with more than one star) in a mostly hard science-fiction setting. That is, the worlds have to be realistic, rather than fantastic.
  • The show was cancelled after only half-a-season. We barely got to see any development of the setting.

So I want to add some new locations to this game for those reason and these following:

  • With custom settings, I don’t have to worry if the canon for known worlds changes.
  • Exoplanets are an interest of mine. I can come up with some realistic but unearthly environments more challenging than the Earth or its new copies.

“Planet SoCal )Southern California)”

When Joss Whedon created Firefly, he didn’t really want the worlds Serenity visited to be that different from the Old West. There were several reasons for this; lower costs, more focus on the characters and emphasis of the Western genre. In fact, (like most Westerns, practically all of the show was filmed within an hour of the Hollywood studio. The only difference was that some kind of celestial body (planet, moon, star) was CGI-ed in.

So, I have only one question for you for now; what CGI addition to you want to Planet Movie Ranch?

  • One or more moons
  • A giant planet (your ‘planet’ is actually a moon)
  • One or more stars different from the Sun-That-Was (bigger, smaller, different color)
  • Two or more of the elements above.

I will handle the rest for now.


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