Serena Sun

Mysterious Registered Companion on 'sabbatical'


[I am using either Inara’s or the Former Companion’s stats for Serena. This should suffice for the brief time she is likely to be part of the crew.]


Serena is a Registered Companion who claims she is on ‘sabbatical’ from her usual profession. While never impolite, Serena does keep to herself and very little is known about her past. Cortex inquiries about Serena are particularly difficult and unrewarding.

It is know that Serena has served with the Doctor and Pilot aboard the Tumblebug, their former ship. Serena believes her path to satori will soon take her on a different path than the rest of the Shiny Dream. Until she is enjoying her time aboard. Her piloting skills are useful when your pilot is not available.

[GM Notes: Serena is a GM stand-in character until a character more personalized is created for this game. If Serena is popular enough, she may stay aboard.]

Serena Sun

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